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Sunsweet Public Company Limited

24 August 1992, established KC Chiang Mai Food Industry Company Limited. Where Malee Sam Pran Company Limited holds 25 percent to produce and distribute canned fruit products and the factory is situatuated in Chiang Mai.

On 25 December 1997 , established Sunsweet Company Limited with listed capital of 1.00 Million Baht divided into 10,000 common shares worth 100.00 Baht pershare which was an investment of Ms. Jiraporn Kittikhunchai, Mr. Ongart Kittikhunchais’ wife. The company Chang Phueak, Amphoe Mueng Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chang Mai with purpose to distribute and export agricultural products such as onions and fresh vegetables.

On March 27 ,2002 Mr. Ongart Kittikhunchai along with 3 other businessman established Tongta Company Limited (currently is Sunsweet Bio Energy) with listed capital of 1.00 Million.The purpose of business is Bio Gas Power Plant.
On July 16 ,2002 , Sunsweet Company Limited increased its listed capital from 1.00 million Baht to 50.00 million Baht by issuing more common shares of 490,000 shares to existing shareholders and proportions. New shares are issued at 100.00 Baht per share to support business expansion.
On November 2002, Sunsweet Company Limited purchased assets from KC Chiang Mai Food Industry Company Limited. Assets that were purchased included land, buiding, tools, equipments such as steam sterilizer , lid closing machine, packaging machine, tomato boiling machine, and corn manufacturing machine to use in Sunsweet’s business.

On 29 September 2005, Kittikhunchai family established KC World Food Company Limited (now Sunsweet International Company Limited) , with 100,000 Baht registered capital, to engage in agricultural products trading business.

On 23 April 2007, the company increased registered capital to 100 million Baht to support business expansion by issuing 500,000 new shares to exiting shareholders by exiting proportions at 100.00 Baht per share.
KC Chiang Mai Food Industries Limited stop business operations and there are no revenue since 2007.
Sunsweet Company Limited begins production and distribution of procrssed sweet corn as the main business of the company.

The company received the 1st prize for the 2nd National SMEs Contest in food manufacturing business group (National Award 2009) from the Office of Small and Enterprises Promotion.
On August 2009, the company received ISO 14001:2004 standard for canned sweet corn production.
On December 2009, the company was certified by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points: HACCP for canned sweet corn, canned sweet corn soup, sweet corn retort pouch, and frozen sweet corn by SGS United Kingdom Ltd in the United Kingdom under the approval of United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and approval of National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS) which is under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.
On 9 September, 2009 Tongta Company Limited changed its name to Sunsweet Bio Energy Company Limited.

Received the Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2010 from Ministry of Industry.
On 22 April, 2010, KC World Food Company Limited changed its name to Sunsweet International Company Limited.

Received a prize for excellent export of goods and services (Thailand Prime Minister’s Export)
On July 2011, the company received the British Retail Consortium Standard (BRC) for the production of canned sweet corn by SGS United Kingdom Ltd in the United Kingdom under the approval of United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

On 26 August 2014, Kittikhunchai family and 4 partners esablished So Sweet Company Limited to distributed processed sweet corn product for franchise retail business.

Reorganized the company structure by Sunsweet Company Limited (SUN) bought shares in (1) Sunsweet International Company Limited 99.99% (2) Sunsweet Bio Energy Company Limited 99.98% and (3) So Sweet Limited 99. 99% from existing shareholders. Consequently, those 3 companies become SUN’ s subsidiaries.
December 26, 2016 The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 3/2016 of Sunsweet Company Limited passed a resolution approving the increase of its registered share capital from Baht 100.00 million to Baht 108.00 million by issuing 80,000 new ordinary shares. Offered to existing shareholders in proportion to the offering price of Baht 100 per share, the registered capital of Sunsweet Company Limited is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Board of Directors, The Board of Investment (BOI).