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CG Policy

Businness Ethics

Sunsweet Plc. With the intention to run the business successfully, therefore, in addition to the commitment and attention to the operation Adherence to ethics, morality, transparency and honesty Will lead the company Can be achieved successfully

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Sunsweet Plc. Campaigning against corruption To personnel in the organization Because the Board of Directors See the importance of corruption Originally the content Some of the policies on corruption Has been included in the company’s business ethics from the beginning Which the company has prepared the business ethics

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Policy on respecting rights and intellectual property

Sunsweet Plc. has focused on operating under the business ethics. The company therefore respects the rights and intellectual property of others as well as the rights and intellectual property of the company.

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Corporate Governance Policy

The company recognizes the importance of good corporate governance. Therefore approved the policy on corporate governance in accordance with the guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. In order to be transparent in the operation of the company

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