Policy and Business Overview


“ Business leader of sweet corn. ”


Organization goals

“ Corporate goals The company aims to increase the value of the product by focusing more on retail products. In the 3-5 years, the proportion of retail will increase to 20:80 and 30:70, from the current proportion of 10:90. To achieve this goal, we Develop new products and add value to products that consistently meet the needs of customers ” ”

Cooperate with the government and private sectors for a research center of sweet corn in various dimensions such as health benefits. Providing basic information of sweet corn and technology in order to support the production process and add values to sweet corn products. And focus on the sensory perception of consumers in terms of new product development.

Human Resources
Support and develop capabilities of employees toward professionalism build quality of life and pride to be a part of the organization at all levels. Develop and recruit employees with high potentials to meet the needs of the business and enhance the competitiveness on the global stage.

Trust worthy producer of food products with quality, high safety standards complying with demand and law of partner countries. Care in taste and convenience in consumption. Focus on product quality development and on time service provider with flexible management.

Supply Chain
Empower the supply chain management to be competitive. Leadership in the development of sweet corn business. Including networking, marketing, and production in key global locations. Focus on building long-term and sustainable relationships with business partners.

Good corporate governance
The company recognizes the responsibilities in agricultural environment, including global national resource which is significant to quality and food safety as well as add values and long-term benefits for the customers, business partners, all employees and the community which are able to response trends changes.

Focus on creating a culture of learning. To be a learning organization and a source of learning sweet corn integrated business.